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                     In Loving Memory


           Our treasured mares ...

FCA Khamara (AK Khazar x FCF Amara)  4/19/87 - 3/15/09

Rodanahta - "Roda"  (RA Count Again x RM Ranahta)  7/10/85 - 4/10/10

Athena Diomedes - "Momma"  (Abundance x Admirals Shirley)  6/15/79 - 7/28/11    John Muncie Momma Story


"The boys" ...

swa Total Knokout   "Tiko"                   1992 -1998

Kai Pasha   "Kai"                                  1993 -1998

Mohbe Jahmen   "Moby"                      1994 -1998

Rico Bravo    "Ricky"                             1995 -1998

wf Snowdancer   "Munchkin"                1996 -1998


swa Total Knokout

1997 IAHA Region XV - Top 5

Training Level Dressage

Look up into heaven

You'll see them above

The horses we lost

The horses we loved

Manes and tails flowing

They gallop through time

They were never yours

They were never mine ...

- Brenda Riley-Sey





You are missed.  


   Under the walnut

   Five equine brothers lie still

   Taken by the storm.

       - R. Wicklund


... and fellow dreamers and stewards ... our noble friends

Donna Nemmer, Charlaine Gmach and Eva McClelland

... who are now with their horses running "free in fields of  which men can only dream."


"Your life was of the order true
Of Arab eloquence
The tale was brief, the words were few,
The meaning was immense."
                                - Ibn AllKhabbaza (fl. 13 century)